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 Awning Rail- Refitting

Cleaning the rail and the side of the caravan takes some time, white spirit softens any sealant and cleans off any small bits, then used meths to de-grease and remove any residue left from the white spirit.

Awning and side rails
This is how the awning rail meets the upper side rails.

End cap removal
To have more room refitting the awning rail, took the end cap off the side rail.

More space 
Would have been difficult taking excess sealant off and tooling.

Rail cleaned
Took an age cleaning the old sealant from the rail, scraped out of the grooves with a screw   -driver, used white spirit to clean the rest.

Fitting masking tape
Fitted the rail without sealant so that the masking tape could be applied, the excess sealant goes on the tape making-

More masking tape
The cleanup easier after tooling. 

Remove rail
Rail removed

Cleaned side
Towards the rear.

Hole positions
Marked position for two new fixing holes

Drilling new holes
Used a bit the same size as the existing holes after drilling a pilot.

Applying Seamseal
Applied Seamseal to the channel the screws will go through.

Applying mastic
Then applied 19mm W4 mastic to the centre of the rail.

Sealant to edges
More Seamseal applied to the edges.

Screw to van1
Takes two people to fit the rail to the van, started fixing in the middle and worked to the rear.

Tool for removing excess
After fixing, used this tool that was used on the fridge vents to remove excess sealant.

Screw to van2
Sealant oozes from the side of the rail when screwed down.

Remove masking tape
Then removed the masking tape, leaves a clean edge and nothing on the van side.

Smoothing sealant
A finger dipped into water was used to obtain a smooth finish.

Screw in a little
Then turned the screws another quarter turn.

Sqeezed Sealant
Which left a slightly raised bit of sealant. 

Re-fitted end caps
Re-fitted end caps with Sikaflex.

Closer view
Closer view, use a finger wetted with water to finish off the Seamseal, side rail looks like it has been siliconed, will have to redo that.

Tool for inserting plastic
Fitted new plastic insert, found that this plastic tool for grouting tiles helped to get it in.

Using tool
Put the plastic in the bottom groove and using the tool pushed it along, then made sure it was bedded down by pressing.

New plastic insert
Plastic insert back in place. Worth replacing if not in good condition.

Plastic trim 
Secured plastic insert under the floor with a stainless steel screw.

Screws under trim 
Ridges under plastic trim, okay if you don't look too closely!

A little more to this than the side rail I've done previously, I found it difficult to get a good finish on the Seamseal. The next one I'm going to use Sikaflex 512 Caravan to see if that turns out any better. The plastic trim where it goes over the new screws is left in ridges, to remedy this I think the awning rail holes need countersinking more, practice makes perfect!

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