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Alko Shock Absorbers

I have wanted to fit shock absorbers to Bailey94 for ages. After they arrived, first thing was to read the fitting instructions.

Main Items Needed
These are the main items needed to fit the shock absorbers.

Apply handbrake
To start, applied the handbrake and chocked the jockey wheel.

Chock opposite wheel  
The nearside is going to be fitted first, so the offside wheel is also chocked.

Remove wheel trim
The wheel trim is removed next. I use the peg puller.

Slacken wheelnuts  
Wheel nuts are then slackened.

Placing jack  
Jack placed under the axle and raised.

Axle stand in position  
An axle stand is then placed in position and the axle lowered onto it.

Remove wheel  
Wheel nuts removed next, then the wheel.

Steadies lowered  
All corner steadies were then lowered. This is to keep everything stable.

Plastic cap  
Then remove this plastic cap from the swing arm with a screwdriver.

Inserting mounting plates  
Into the hole provided, inserted the mounting plates.

Checking arrow mark  
Making sure the arrows point forwards.

Which mounting hole?  
To determine which mounting hole to use. In my case the distance from the middle of the swing arm to the hole is 235mm. That will be the middle hole.

Loosely fitted  
To align the shock absorber the spacers in the fixings (top and bottom) had to go as shown.

Checking distances  
A check of the distance between the mounting bolts. This had to be a minimum of 255mm. That is okay then.

Torque wrench setting  
Referring to the instructions, set the torque wrench to 86Nm.

Tighten bottom first  
Tightening the bottom bolt first. I used an adjustable spanner on the other side.

Tighten top next  
Then the top bolt.

All done  
Put the wheel back on, then after winding the steadies up, lower to the ground then torque the wheel nuts to 88Nm and the wheel trim replaced. That side done.


It was just a matter of repeating the above on the offside. I did release the handbrake then apply it again so that there would be no strain on the brakes before starting.

A straight forward job, once I had decided how the top and bottom spacers on the shock absorber should be aligned. It took 10 minutes to do the other side.

Costings: Alko shock absorbers come in pairs, purchased mine from The Caravan Shop ( for 66.95. I have used them before, buying a mini Heki skylight, good service, fast, no hassle.

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